Downtown Ajax is a designated Regional Centre, the heart of the Town and the centre for civic as well as employment activity. The boundaries of this important district (illustrated in the map below) extends from Clements Road, (beyond the Rouge Valley Hospital) north to Highway 401. It is centred around two main arterial roads:

Harwood Avenue, a ceremonial route and the primary north-south road connection to the Uptown Centre; and Bayly Street – a main east-west corridor, providing access to Highway 401 and adjacent employment lands.

Downtown Ajax of the future

Downtown Ajax does not currently reflect the forward-thinking, progressive values and priorities of Ajax as a community. Although it is home to many landmark sites and historic roots, the Downtown as it exists today lacks identify, vibrancy and a true sense of place which is vital to engage residents, businesses and tourists.

The vision for Downtown Ajax can be summarized as follows:

  • Active. A pedestrian and cyclist-oriented, transit-focused environment with interconnected sidewalks.
  • Liveable. Home to a broad mix of land uses that provides a place to live, work, shop, eat and enjoy a wide variety of recreational uses.
  • Innovative. Fosters new and creative ideas in all aspects of planning, design, and (re)development.
  • Vibrant. A high quality public realm with urban squares and gathering places for social, community and cultural activities for residents and tourists.
  • Eco-focused. Encourages development that improves the overall environmental quality of the Town of Ajax and minimizes ecological impacts.

Development activity that occurs within this important district will be designed with these principles in mind. With every accomplishment, Downtown Ajax is becoming more and more ALIVE! – We invite you to be part of the transformation!